NIFTY  8,349.35  -1.02%
  SENSEX  27,034.50  -1.00%
 CURRENCY  Rs  68.18/$ 72.16/€, 84.37/£
  GOLD  28,626.00  0.34%
  SILVER  41,395.00  0.30%
  DAX  11,630.10  0.29%
  FTSE  7,198.44  -0.14%
  CAC  4,850.67  0.17%
  HANG SENG  22,885.90  -0.71%
  NIKKEI  19,137.90  0.34%
  Shanghai Composite  3,123.14  0.39%
  DOW JONES  19,827.20  0.48%
  NASDAQ  5,555.33  0.28%
  S&P 500  2,271.31  0.34%
RELIANCE MF : CPSE ETF Gets Overwhelming Response As Issue Gets Oversubscribed RELIANCE MF : CPSE ETF FFO Gets Bids Of Approx Rs 12,000 Crore RELIANCE MF : CPSE ETF FFO Receives Application From Over 2 Lakh Investors


SP-Cong-RLD mahagathbandhan poses new challenge for Modi, Mayawati

January 18  | 

The UP elections are a referendum on demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs1000 notes announced by the Modi government on November 8.

Demonetisation – A look back at the last two months

January 08  | 

The Narendra Modi Government had absolute clarity from day one that it would move against the shadow economy and black money.

Will State polls be the referendum on Modi’s Demonetisation

January 04  | 

The political implications of the Assembly poll results would cast a shadow on the functioning of the Modi government during the remaining period of his term.

Why Mulayam doesn’t want to be Shah Jahan nor Akhilesh Aurangzeb

January 02  | 

In politics, there are ample examples when a party patriarch is reduced to “Margdarshak” as it was the case with LK Advani. Is Mulayam heading that way?

RBI central in enabling demonetisation, had doubts over implementation

December 29  | 

It is clear that the institution and its leadership was fully involved in the decision making process for four months prior to November 8.

Why BJP, SP, BSP and Congress in a “Dangal” to grab Uttar Pradesh

December 27  | 

A win in Uttar Pradesh will be seen as public approval of demonetisation and political acumen of Modi.

Demonetisation: A trial and error method to fight an invisible demon?

December 22  | 

Demonetisation drama shows trial and error method is being experimented on 1.3 billion people in the name of fighting invisible demons.

Remonetising India post Modi’s Ctrl + Alt + Delete moment

December 21  | 

By now it is amply clear that the process of remonetising India is going to be long drawn out and may not bring back the entire Rs 15.44 lakh crore of junked currency.

Demonetisation makes “Black and White” polls colourful

December 20  | 

Modi still has many aces up his sleeves before the next general elections are called in 2019.

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