Narendra Modi cracks the good economics-politics riddle

Nov 17 2017 | 10 hrs ago

Wide raging political and economic approval, a rarity in Indian political set up, the race for 2019 general elections appears to be a one-race horse.

MUFG, Japan’s largest lender, banks on an easy ride in Indonesia

Nov 13 2017

Japan’s largest lender is banking on an easier ride in Indonesia. Buying into Bank Danamon would nicely round out the regional presence.

Equifax massive cyber hack damage is only the start

Nov 11 2017

Investors have lopped off about a quarter of Equifax’s market capitalization since the breach. That’s consistent with a sustained drop in profit.

Focus shifts to Gujarat as policy steps depend on electoral gains

Nov 10 2017

Win in the regional elections would enable a push for other policy steps that would propel India on a high growth path and guide the pace of govt over next 12 months.

Hong Kong's initial public offering market is turning Chinese

Nov 08 2017

Volatility is good for a stock exchange, and as HKEX tries to reposition itself, a big launch for a mainland startup is something to celebrate.

Indian Markets


    33,342.80 235.98   (0.71 %)

    10,283.60 68.85   (0.67 %)

Global Markets


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PAT at Rs 748 Cr Vs Rs 260 Cr, up 187%

Gross Premium written at Rs 6489 Cr Vs Rs 5784 Cr, up 12.18%

Solvency Margin at 2.24x Vs 2.04x


Revenue From Ops at Rs 91 Cr Vs Rs 81 Cr, Up 12.4% YoY

PAT at Rs 48.3 Cr Vs Rs 47.4 Cr, Up 2% YoY

Operating Profit up 10.5%

Addition of 1077 new clients 2410 issue rated during the quarter


Net Sales down 0.6% at Rs 51.2 Cr Vs Rs 51.4 Cr

EBITDA up 9% at Rs 12.9 Cr Vs Rs 11.8 Cr

EBITDA Margin at 25.2% Vs 23%

Net Profit down 38% at Rs 2.3 Cr Vs Rs 3.7 Cr

Tax rate at 35% Vs 3.8%

All numbers compared on YoY unless specified otherwise 

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