Google Arts and Culture unveils 10 3D-printed vases

Feb 19 2018

Google Arts and Culture unveiled 10 3D-printed ceramic vases at the CSMVS museum here to mark the culmination of its 'Future Relics' project.

Quoting WhatsApp message renders 'delete' feature ineffective

Feb 19 2018

If someone has quoted your message on WhatsApp before you delete it, you will be able to see that message - rendering the 'Delete for Everyone' feature ineffective.

Microsoft's Bing to gain as Google kills 'view image' button

Feb 19 2018

Microsoft's Bing and Startpage allow download of high-resolution images with a right click, media reported.

Scientists uncover hidden details in Picasso's painting

Feb 18 2018

Scientists have used multiple modes of light to uncover details hidden beneath the visible surface of Pablo Picasso's The Crouching Woman.

Facebook to roll out fix for bug in two-factor authentication

Feb 17 2018

Facebook has promised to roll out a fix soon that will stop non-security-related notifications.

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To Issue Rs 8800 Cr worth equity shares on preferential basis to GoI

SBI puts Rs 1935 Cr worth loans up for sale to 24 entities

Seeks bids on cash basis or a mix of cash and security receipts

Approves Issue Price At Rs 300.82/Share For Preferential Issue To Govt

Financial Express Reports


Emerges as lowest bidder for Rs 1000 cr project

To set up Vindhychaal-Varanasi 765 KV transmission line

Financial Express Reports


Arm To Buy 65% Stake In Indian Film Combine Pvt For Rs 1,105 Cr

Arm To Also Buy 20% Of Indian Film Combine From Xander Group Arm, 45% from Co's Promoter Group


Announces successful regulatory inspection from USFDA for API Facility for Hyderabad Facility


Jan Domestic Air Passenger Traffic At 1.15 Cr, Up 19.7% YoY

Air India Jan Passenger Load Factor At 84.6% vs 81.8% MoM

Jet Airways Jan Passenger Load Factor At 88.7% vs 88.5% MoM

IndiGo Jan Passenger Load Factor At 89.7% vs 90.8% MoM

SpiceJet Jan Passenger Load Factor At 95.0% vs 95.6% MoM

Air India Jan Market Share At 13.3% vs 13.1% MoM

Jet Airways Jan Market Share At 14.3% vs 14.6% MoM

IndiGo Jan Market Share At 39.7% vs 39.4% MoM

SpiceJet Jan Market Share At 12.6% vs 12.7% MoM

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