NIFTY  8,349.35  -1.02%
  SENSEX  27,034.50  -1.00%
 CURRENCY  Rs  68.13/$ 72.75/€, 84.17/£
  GOLD  28,626.00  0.34%
  SILVER  41,395.00  0.30%
  DAX  11,630.10  0.29%
  FTSE  7,198.44  -0.14%
  CAC  4,850.67  0.17%
  HANG SENG  22,885.90  -0.71%
  NIKKEI  19,137.90  0.34%
  Shanghai Composite  3,123.14  0.39%
  DOW JONES  19,732.40  -0.37%
  NASDAQ  5,540.08  -0.28%
  S&P 500  2,263.69  -0.36%
SBI - Approves Allotment Of Shares Worth Rs 5,681 Cr To GOI RUPEE AT CLOSE - Rupee Falls For Sixth Consecutive Week


Vikram Oza

Consulting Editor Vikram Oza has been with the channel since inception. From Real Estate and Personal Finance to Education and Lifestyle, he has covered a vast range of subjects. He anchors the flagship, Prime Time shows every weekday. On weekends, he raises a toast to the good life as host of the luxury-lifestyle show Aspire; and analyses marketing strategies on our show From Logo to Impact.

January 20: Jyothy Labs has posted a mixed set of numbers for the December quarter with profits up 8%. To give a fineprint of the earnings, Vikram Oza of BTVi speaks with K Ullas Kamath, Joint Managing Director at Jyothy Labs.

January 20: Weak Q3 for NIIT with profits down at 6 crores. To shed more light on this, Vikram Oza of BTVi caught up with Rohit Gupta CFO at NIIT.

January 20: Mindtree has posted their earnings for the December quarter and the profits are in line with the estimates at Rs 103 crores..To help us decode the numbers, Vikram Oza of BTVi is joined with Rostow Ravanan, Chief Executive Officer of Mindtree.

January 20: MEP Infra has received a financial closure on rehabilitation and upgradation of NH-66. To shed more light on this, Vikram Oza of BTVi is joined with Jayant D Mhaiskar, VC & MD of MEP Infra.

January 19: Ujjivan Financial services has posted a weak set of numbers for their December quarter with profits down at 44 crores. To help us decode the earnings for the quarter gone by, Vikram Oza and Fatima Karan of BTVi are joined with Sudha Suresh, CFO at Ujjivan Financial services.

Day 3 at Davos

January 19

January 19: Day 3 of forum at Davos rolls on Thursday. Angeline Ong of Reuters reports on all the action lined up ahead.

January 19: Tata Starbucks has launched its global flagship tea brand Teavana in India. With the latest launch, the company hopes to double its tea sales in India. Shilpa Ranipeta of BTVi caught up with Sumi Ghosh, CEO of Tata Starbucks.

January 18: Vikram Oza and Fatima Karan of BTVi are joined with Vivek Mavani, Investment Advisor to talk about markets.

Day ahead at Davos

January 18

January 18: Angeline Ong of Reuters reports from Davos about what’s coming up today at the World Economic Forum.