The Pitch

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'The Pitch', a one of its kind show in India that invites India's best entrepreneurs to a contest of skills and business plans, to walk away with a cool Rs. 5 Crore to take their business idea to the next level.


The Pitch – Episode 13 – The Grand Finale

Nov 29 2013

After grueling thirteen weeks on The Pitch, it is finally the day when one contestant takes away the seed fund of up to Five Crore rupees for their budding venture. But the battle is not easy, especially when it is the Grand Finale. What does the jury have in store on this episode? Who will take away the glory this season on Bloomberg TV India’s The Pitch?


The Pitch - Episode 12 - Selling A Hyundai Verna

Nov 22 2013

With only three contestants left in the competition, the difficulty level of the semi inal task has been raised. In this week's task, the final three have to take the art of selling to a new level by persuading customers to buy a Hyundai Verna in shortest span using their best possible tactics. Who do you think make their way to this season' Finale of Bloomberg TV India's biggest reality show, The Pitch?


The Pitch – Episode 11- Create A Social Media Campaign

Nov 15 2013

This week, our jury at The Pitch along with Marketing Guru and Humanitarian, Ingrid Srinath has decided to test the finalists with their capability to create a social media marketing campaign for a social cause. Who do you think will come with an excellent marketing plan and who will have to bid a farewell? Find out on this episode of Bloomberg TV India’s The Pitch.


The Pitch- Episode 10 - 360 Degree Marketing Strategy

Nov 08 2013

This week has a few surprises in store. The finalists on their journey to fetch the seed fund have been asked to create a 360 degree marketing plan for an air conditioner by the jury along with brand building mastermind Rajeev Karwal. This is not all, there is another surprise lined up for the finalists. To find out, watch this episode of Bloomberg TV India’s The Pitch.


The Pitch - Episode 9 - Please The Crowd

Nov 01 2013

On this week’s episode of Bloomberg TV India’s The Pitch, the jury along with Sunil Alagh has chalked out an exciting task for the final five contestants. The budding entrepreneurs have five minutes to convince students from an entrepreneurship cell with their business idea. Who do you think is successful in persuading the crowd to gather votes and who bids adieu? Find out on this episode of The Pitch.


The Pitch - Episode 8 – Trade Off

Oct 25 2013

On this episode, the jury including Alok Kejriwal and retail expert, B.S. Nagesh test the final six with their skill of the long lost art in business- barter system. How difficult will it be selling a normal umbrella not for moolah but a new product on the whole? Who will ace this art and who will have to bid farewell? Watch it yourself in this exciting episode of The Pitch.


The Pitch – Episode 7- Advertising

Oct 18 2013

This week on The Pitch, the jury- including Alok Kejriwal & Ad Guru Piyush Pandey; test the contests on creativity. The entrepreneurs are divided in two teams and are given the task to create a TV commercial. With just three hours to strategize, edit and shoot a TV commercial, which team will manage to impress the jury? And who’ll be heading home?


The Pitch - Episode 6 - Pitch And Rebuttal

Oct 14 2013

In this week’s episode of Bloomberg TV India’s The Pitch, the jury - including Alok ‘Rodinhood’ Kejriwal and K. V. Srinivasan of Reliance Commercial Finance - has something unusual in store. The eight finalists are paired into four teams to perform the task of pitch and rebuttal against each other. With the level of cross questioning and analysis going high, which finalist fails to live up to the jury’s expectations?


The Pitch - Episode 5 - Product Invention

Oct 04 2013

The nine finalists form three teams to perform a task where the criterion is to innovate, create and sell. But that is not all; this task comes with a whole new set of complexities added by the guest jury Sunil Alagh, the man behind SKA Advisors. Which finalist performs to their best potential and who fails to impress the jury with their invention? Watch this episode of The Pitch to find it yourself!


The Pitch - Episode 4 - Generating Sales

Sep 28 2013

The 10 finalists of 'The Pitch' come face to face with their first task in this episode. Split into teams of five, the finalists must use their business acumen to sell luxury lifestyle products like hand washes & soaps in a mall. Watch this episode to see how they fare and who gets eliminated.

Indian Markets


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Global Markets


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Net Profit at Rs 7.3 Cr Vs Rs 8.1 Cr

Total Income at Rs 214 Cr Vs Rs 207 Cr

EBITDA at Rs 17.5 Cr Vs Rs 17.7 Cr

EBITDA Margin at 8.2% Vs 8.6%


Net Sales up 0.4% at Rs 378 Cr Vs Rs 376.6 Cr

EBITDA up 29% at Rs 32.1 Cr Vs Rs 24.9 Cr

EBITDA Margin at 8.5% Vs 6.6%

Net Profit up 33% at Rs 22 Cr Vs Rs 17 Cr


Net Sales up 13% at Rs 320.6 Cr Vs Rs 282.7 Cr

EBITDA up 11% at Rs 33.1Cr Vs Rs 29.9 Cr

EBITDA Margin at 10.3% Vs 10.6%

Net Profit up 26% at Rs 10.4 Cr Vs Rs 8.2 Cr


Net Sales up 7% at Rs 2469 Cr Vs Rs 2301 Cr

EBITDA down 3% at Rs 466.6 Cr Vs Rs 482.6 Cr

EBITDA Margin at 18.8% Vs 20.8%

Net Profit up 10% at Rs 263.4 Cr Vs Rs 240.2 Cr

Other Income up 12% at Rs 412.3 Cr Vs Rs 367.5 Cr


Net Sales up 2% at Rs 1535 Cr Vs Rs 1505 Cr

EBITDA down 3.4% at Rs 276 Cr Vs Rs 286 Cr

EBITDA Margin down 100 bps at 17.4% Vs 18.4%

Net Profit up 1.6% at Rs 187 Cr Vs Rs. 184 Cr


Net Sales up 13.7% at Rs 1375 Cr Vs Rs 1209 Cr

EBITDA up 28% at Rs 67 Cr Vs Rs 52 Cr

EBITDA Margin up 60bps at 4.8% Vs 4.2%

Net Profit up 56% at Rs. 25 Cr Vs Rs. 16 Cr


Net Sales down 16% at Rs 685 Cr Vs Rs 823 Cr

EBITDA Loss at Rs 11 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 12 Cr


Net Sales down 2.6% at Rs 187 Cr Vs Rs 192 Cr

EBITDA stable at Rs 14 Cr Vs Rs 14 Cr

EBITDA Margin up 20 bps at 7.4% Vs 7.2%

Net Profit up 12% at Rs. 6.5 Cr Vs Rs. 5.8 Cr


Net Sales down 3.7% at Rs 787.2 Cr Vs Rs 817.4 Cr

EBITDA down 73% at Rs 21.17 Cr Vs Rs 78.95 Cr

EBITDA Margin at 2.6% Vs 9.6%

PAT down 77% at Rs 10.3 Cr Vs Rs 45.6 Cr


Net Sales up 0.7% at Rs 86.78 Cr Vs Rs 86.18 Cr

EBITDA up 6.5% at Rs 32.4 Cr Vs Rs 30.4 Cr

EBITDA Margin at 37.4% Vs 35.3%

Loss at Rs 22.51 Cr Vs loss of Rs 19.22 Cr


Net Sales up 16% at Rs 2365 Cr Vs Rs 2030 Cr

EBITDA up 8% at Rs 1591Cr Vs Rs 1473 Cr

EBITDA Margin at 67% Vs 72%

Net Profit up 49% at Rs 309 Cr Vs Rs 207 Cr


Van Dyck sells 3.9% Equity/Sh

Warhol sells 9.6% Equity/Sh

Ashish Kacholia brings 1.5% Equity/Sh

Bengal Finance & Investment brings 2.5% Equity/Sh

BNP Paribas Arbitrage brings 0.8% Equity/Sh

IDFC MF brings 0.6% Equity/Sh

Rajasthan Global Sec brings 1.1% Equity/Sh


Chrys Capital sells entire stake in KPIT Technologies

Chrys Capital sold entire 13.8% stake in company on account of fund closure


Shree Renuka Sugars to consider fund raising


Microsoft collaborates with Sonata Software


Axis Bank to announce strategic initiatives

Snapdeal board clears the decks for sale of FreeCharge to Axis Bank

The proposed deal will value FreeCharge at Rs 385 Cr -Rs 390 Cr

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