NIFTY  9,119.40  -0.19%
  SENSEX  29,365.30  -0.19%
 CURRENCY  Rs  64.61/$ 69.32/€, 82.81/£
  GOLD  29,384.00  0.30%
  SILVER  41,269.00  -0.57%
  DAX  12,048.60  0.18%
  FTSE  7,114.55  -0.06%
  CAC  5,059.20  -0.32%
  HANG SENG  24,042.00  -0.06%
  NIKKEI  18,620.80  1.03%
  Shanghai Composite  3,173.15  0.02%
  DOW JONES  20,547.80  -0.15%
  NASDAQ  5,910.52  -0.11%
  S&P 500  2,348.69  -0.30%
FROM ANI - Bank Of India Bulding Catches Fire In Fort Area, Mumbai SPICEJET - Launches Second Daily Direct Flight Between Kolkata-Dhaka

Women In Leadership

Thursday: 8:30 PM  |   Anchor:

Women In Leadership gets you eight spirited women, who made a mark in the corporate world. From the challenges they faced to the hurdles they overcame, discover their success story as they take us through their journey to the top.

May 14: Traditionally owned family businesses in India have had big issues of attracting the right kind of talent. Watch as Mini Menon asks Sminu Jindal, MD, Jindal SAW, if enough is being done by organisations to attract talent and retain talent in the long-term.

May 14: Indian business is dominated by family owned enterprises and most of them have been traditionally patriarchal. But a lot has changed over the years and new generation of educated young ladies are walking in wanting to drive change. Sminu Jindal, MD, Jindal SAW, has been a torchbearer of this trend. Mini Menon caught up with Jindal and asked her how she manages her hectic work schedule along with family priorities.

May 14: Overcoming challenges has been a part of her life and you could say that Sminu Jindal has had more than a fair share of it. Born into a traditional Marwari business family an accident left Jindal partially paralyzed when she was 11. But, that didn’t deter her ambitions and what stands out when you meet the MD of Jindal SAW, is the fact that she has taken it all on her chin and turned adversity into opportunities.

May 2: Chitra Ramakrishna, MD, NSE, has pull off a tough balancing act to juggle family and work, in order to reach the top. Watch as Mini Menon asks Ramakrishna about some of the learnings from her journey that can help young female aspirants to climb the corporate ladder.

May 2: Today some of India’s biggest financial companies are led by women. Most came in to the work force in the 1980’s and interestingly many grew out of the government owned institutional lending set up. Chitra Ramakrishna, MD, NSE, herself started her career at IDBI. Mini Menon finds out if the old government run undertakings really helped women in seeking fulfilling opportunities.

May 2: She heads India’s largest stock exchange and carries her responsibility pretty effortlessly, but few know the workings of NSE as well as Chitra Ramakrishna. As a part of the five-member team, Ramakrishna and her colleagues set out to do what seemed impossible i.e. to take on BSE and that too just when stock markets in India had been shaken up by one of the biggest scams. Mini Menon caught up with the MD of NSE and began by asking Ramakrishna about her journey so far.

April 28: Shikha Sharma, CEO, Axis Bank, is someone who does not fear giving up her comfort zone to take risks. Watch as Mini Menon asks Sharma how she overcame her introvert personality to reach the helm of the third largest private bank of the country.

April 28: Shikha Sharma, who is an alumnus of IIM- Ahmedabad, began her career with ICICI bank in 1980. She believes that as much as she helped ICICI transform, it helped shape her career. She laid the foundation of ICICI's personal finance services business and insurance arm, an experience that Sharma believes opened up a whole new world for her. Even today she counts her former bosses K.V. Kamath and Narayanan Vaghul as mentors who influenced her.

April 28: She is someone who does not fear giving up her comfort zone to take risks. In fact, Shikha Sharma, CEO, Axis Bank, will tell you just how important taking that leap of faith is to get ahead. After three decades at ICICI Bank, leading and heading some of the bank’s big subsidiaries as they grew, Sharma took the role of the CEO of Axis Bank in 2009. Watch as Sharma says, “Nobody is going to be kinder to you because you are a woman.”

April 17: In this exclusive conversation, Mini Menon asks Roopa Kudva, MD & CEO, Crisil, about some of the learnings from her journey that can help young female aspirants to climb the corporate ladder. Watch as Kudva says that a leader must know how to communicate well.