NIFTY  8,417.00  0.23%
  SENSEX  27,257.60  0.08%
 CURRENCY  Rs  67.96/$ 72.70/€, 83.99/£
  GOLD  28,745.00  0.02%
  SILVER  41,698.00  0.24%
  DAX  11,540.00  -0.13%
  FTSE  7,220.38  -1.46%
  CAC  4,859.69  -0.40%
  HANG SENG  23,098.30  1.13%
  NIKKEI  18,894.40  0.43%
  Shanghai Composite  3,113.01  0.08%
  DOW JONES  19,826.80  -0.30%
  NASDAQ  5,538.73  -0.63%
  S&P 500  2,267.89  -0.30%

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