NIFTY  9,591.35  -0.14%
  SENSEX  31,129.60  0.07%
 CURRENCY  Rs  64.50/$ 71.76/€, 82.64/£
  GOLD  28,973.00  0.25%
  SILVER  40,435.00  0.24%
  DAX  12,629.00  0.21%
  FTSE  7,547.63  0.40%
  CAC  5,332.47  -0.07%
  HANG SENG  25,701.60  0.24%
  NIKKEI  19,682.60  -0.02%
  Shanghai Composite  3,110.06  0.04%
  DOW JONES  21,080.30  -0.01%
  NASDAQ  6,210.19  0.08%
  S&P 500  2,415.82  0.03%
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Bond Yields Under Pressure: HDFC Bank


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Ajay Marwaha, Head- Trading, and Treasury, HDFC Bank, states that bond yields have moved and that a pullback has been seen. “One would expect bond yields to retrace to the 8.5% levels on the 10-year in the immediate future after the kind of measures that have been implemented,” he points out. Marwaha believes that unless some impact is made on the rupee, which is the root cause for misalignment, bond yields will remain under pressure.