NIFTY  9,415.30  0.31%
  SENSEX  30,468.90  0.34%
 CURRENCY  Rs  64.89/$ 72.59/€, 84.18/£
  GOLD  28,680.00  -0.45%
  SILVER  39,501.00  -1.14%
  DAX  12,659.20  0.31%
  FTSE  7,485.29  -0.15%
  CAC  5,348.16  0.41%
  HANG SENG  25,403.20  0.05%
  NIKKEI  19,613.30  -0.33%
  Shanghai Composite  3,061.95  -0.22%
  DOW JONES  20,937.90  0.21%
  NASDAQ  6,138.71  0.08%
  S&P 500  2,398.42  0.18%
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Tall Promises, Shoddy Delivery: Aadil Ebrahim


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Aadil Ebrahim, MD of Bowen Asia states that Gdp and growth will have to be compromised upon. He believes that investors are trying to ignore government actions and policies and that the economy may see a 150-200Bps interest rate hike as Rajan takes over. Furthermore, he expects bank earnings to struggle and is not worried about Indian earnings. However, he is highly unsure about the Indian currency and says that India has no funding crisis at present.