NIFTY  9,606.10  0.01%
  SENSEX  31,120.60  0.04%
 CURRENCY  Rs  64.50/$ 71.76/€, 82.64/£
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  SILVER  40,375.00  0.09%
  DAX  12,629.00  0.21%
  FTSE  7,547.63  0.40%
  CAC  5,332.47  -0.07%
  HANG SENG  25,701.60  0.24%
  NIKKEI  19,682.60  -0.02%
  Shanghai Composite  3,110.06  0.04%
  DOW JONES  21,080.30  -0.01%
  NASDAQ  6,210.19  0.08%
  S&P 500  2,415.82  0.03%
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Cairn & ONGC’s Interests Are Aligned: Sudhir Vasudeva


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September 10: ONGC Chairman Sudhir Vasudeva says there is no need for a solution when there is no real dispute. Commenting on Cairn’s Interim CEO saying, “There can't be two drivers in a car,” he says that he respects Cairn’s stand but is definitely worried about the ride’s safety. “Cairn has its own thought process and we have requested them to take ONGC on board from the start,” he says, adding that we have tried to address some of Cairn’s concerns but there is no question of any compromise.