NIFTY  8,851.40  0.34%
  SENSEX  28,573.10  0.37%
 CURRENCY  Rs  67.02/$ 71.15/€, 83.19/£
  GOLD  29,240.00  -0.41%
  SILVER  42,700.00  -0.55%
  DAX  11,757.00  -0.00%
  FTSE  7,299.96  0.30%
  CAC  4,867.58  -0.55%
  HANG SENG  24,033.70  -0.31%
  NIKKEI  19,251.10  0.09%
  Shanghai Composite  3,202.07  -0.47%
  DOW JONES  20,624.10  0.02%
  NASDAQ  5,838.58  0.41%
  S&P 500  2,351.16  0.17%
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Moving Toward Cyclical Pickup In Inflows: S Naren


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October 1: We’ve seen low inflows over the last six years, so we’re cyclically moving towards a period where domestic inflows have to pick up, says S. Naren of ICICI Prudential AMC. Looking at the asset allocation framework, people have pulled out lakhs of crores from equities, leaving it at a record low, he says. On the global side, the scenario is very erratic, he says, adding that the overseas investor doesn’t seem to be making money in equities.