NIFTY  9,438.25  0.11%
  SENSEX  30,571.00  0.35%
 CURRENCY  Rs  64.64/$ 72.43/€, 84.26/£
  GOLD  28,781.00  0.51%
  SILVER  39,815.00  1.80%
  DAX  12,619.50  -0.15%
  FTSE  7,496.34  0.34%
  CAC  5,322.88  -0.02%
  HANG SENG  25,391.30  0.86%
  NIKKEI  19,678.30  0.45%
  Shanghai Composite  3,075.68  -0.25%
  DOW JONES  20,894.80  0.43%
  NASDAQ  6,133.62  0.82%
  S&P 500  2,394.02  0.52%
NEWSFLASH : 19 Dead In Terror Attack At Manchester Arena In U.K. NEWSFLASH : Tories May Delay Elections After Manchester Terror Attack BTVI ALERT : U.K. Snap Polls Earlier Scheduled On June 8 GLOBAL CUES : U.S. Benchmark Indices End Marginally Higher; Gain Between 0.5-0.8% GLOBAL CUES : CBOE VIX Cooled Almost 9.2% GLOBAL CUES : European Benchmark Indices End Mixed; FTSE Ends Higher By 0.3% GLOBAL CUES : U.K. Snap Elections May Get Postponed After Attack In Manchester GLOBAL CUES : Dollar Index Slips Further, Trades Sub 97 Level GLOBAL CUES : Japanese Yen Remains Near 111/$ For 5th Straight Session GLOBAL CUES : Asian Markets See Lackluster Opening Post Tensions After Blast At Manchester GLOBAL CUES : Gold Continues To Rise For 4th Straight Session, Near $1260/Oz GLOBAL CUES : U.S. Yields Rise Marginally NIFTY F&O DATA : Nifty May Futures Closed Trade At 9443, Premium Of 5 Vs 18 Pts NIFTY F&O DATA : Nifty May Futures Sheds 12.9 Lk Shares In OI NIFTY F&O DATA : Bank Nifty May Sheds 2.3 Lk Shares In OI NIFTY F&O DATA : Nifty Options-May Series: Max OI Concentration At 9500 Call And 9300 Put NIFTY F&O DATA : Nifty Options-May Series :9300 Call Sheds 1.9 Lk Shares In OI NIFTY F&O DATA : Nifty Options-May Series :9400 Call Adds 1.9 Lk Shares In OI NIFTY F&O DATA : Nifty Options-May Series :9500 Call Adds 4.1 Lk Shares In OI NIFTY F&O DATA : Nifty Options-May Series :9600 Call Adds 3.8 Lk Shares In OI NIFTY F&O DATA : Nifty Options-May Series :9100 Put Sheds 1.3 Lk Shares In OI NIFTY F&O DATA : Nifty Options-May Series :9300 Put Sheds 1 Lk Shares In OI NIFTY F&O DATA : Nifty Options-May Series :9400 Put Adds 91K Shares In OI NIFTY F&O DATA : Nifty Options-May Series :9500 Put Sheds 1.7 Lk Shares In OI TRADE SETUP : Weak $, Positive Metal, Mixed Global Cues Indicate Subdued Start For Mkts TRADE SETUP : Short Term Nifty Support Seen At 9360, Bias Will Remain Buy On Dips Above 9200 TRADE SETUP : Nifty Long Puts, Short Calls Rollover To June Indicates Caution Amongst Traders TRADE SETUP : Multiple Nifty Tops Around 9510 Will Act As Upward Resistance TRADE SETUP : Lower Rollovers For Nifty And Bank Nifty Vs Last Month TRADE SETUP : Nifty I.T. Seeing 3x More Rollovers To June Month Vs May TRADE SETUP : Buying Seen In FMCG, Tobacco, Engineering, I.T. Stocks TRADE SETUP : Selling Seen In Pharma, PSU, Cement Stocks TRADE SETUP : Eur-Inr Could Outperform Owing To Rally In Euro Vs USD TRADE SETUP : Contraction In Gold Silver Spreads Suggests Gold Could Rally Further MORGAN STANLEY ON BOI : Underlying Adjusted Loss Higher Than MS' Estimate MORGAN STANLEY ON BOI : Slippages Doubled QoQ And Provisions Spiked MORGAN STANLEY ON BOI : Capital Consumption Was High At 100 bps MORGAN STANLEY ON BOI : Reported Loss Lower Due To Change In Depreciation Policy MORGAN STANLEY ON BOI : Recoveries Were Broadly Stable At Rs 2700 Cr Vs Rs 2400 Cr QoQ MORGAN STANLEY ON BOI : Weak Balance-Sheet And Profitability Will Keep Earnings Under Pressure MORGAN STANLEY ON BOI : Underweight On Stock With Target Of Rs 55/Share TARO PHARMA Q4 : Net Sales Down 25.9% At $196.4 Mn TARO PHARMA Q4 : Net Profit At $83 Mn Vs $115 Mn, Down 28% YoY TARO PHARMA Q4 : EBITDA At $102 Mn Vs $182 Mn, Down 44% YoY, Overall Volumes Increased 3% TARO PHARMA Q4 : Lower Sales Due To Increased Competition And The Challenging Pricing Environment TARO PHARMA Q4 : R&D Expenses Remained In Line With Comparable Qtr, Margins at 52% vs 68% TARO PHARMA Q4 : Fx Expense Decreased $41.6 Mn To $5.8 Mn Due To Weakening Of U.S. Dollar GAIL Q4 : Total Income Up 16% At Rs 13674 Cr Vs Rs 11802 Cr GAIL Q4 : EBITDA Up 23% At Rs 1555 Cr Vs Rs 1265 Cr GAIL Q4 : EBITDA Margin At 11.4% Vs 10.7% GAIL Q4 : Net Profit Down 66% At Rs 260 Cr Vs Rs 832 Cr GODREJ INDUSTRIES Q4 : Revenue From Ops Up 7% At Rs 1982 Cr Vs Rs 1854 Cr GODREJ INDUSTRIES Q4 : Total Income Up 5% At Rs 2026 Cr Vs Rs 1931 Cr GODREJ INDUSTRIES Q4 : EBITDA Up 492% At Rs 154 Cr Vs Rs 26 Cr GODREJ INDUSTRIES Q4 : EBITDA Margin At 8% Vs 1% GODREJ INDUSTRIES Q4 : PAT Up 267% At Rs 95 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 57 Cr CREDIT SUISSE : Investors Are Waking Upto Geo-Political Risks CREDIT SUISSE : Markets Are Channeling Geo-Political Risks Via Currency CREDIT SUISSE : Japanese Yen Is A Good Hedge In Times Of Geo Political Risks CREDIT SUISSE : If Geo-Political Risks Continue It Will Lead To Yen Appreciation CREDIT SUISSE : Advising Investors To Book Profits In U.S. Equity Market CREDIT SUISSE : Seeing Strong Economic Data From Asia CREDIT SUISSE : Indian Market Is Running Ahead Of Fundamentals CREDIT SUISSE : May See Some Headwinds In Indian Markets Post GST Implementation CREDIT SUISSE : Difficult For Corporates To Achieve 18-19% Of Earnings Growth This Year CREDIT SUISSE : Advice Investors To Book Profits & Wait For Lower Levels To Invest In Indian Mkt MUZAMMIL PATEL : Important Step From RBI To Help The Implementation Of New Ordinance ABIZER DIWANJI E&Y : OC Was Restricted To S4A Scheme Earlier Which Has Changed Now ABIZER DIWANJI E&Y : RBI Has Increased The Bandwidth Of The Oversight Committee ABIZER DIWANJI E&Y : RBI's Intent Is To Have Resolution Plans In Place In The Next 1 Year ABIZER DIWANJI E&Y : Setting Up Of OC & Framework Is The First Step Towards NPA Resolution ABIZER DIWANJI E&Y : RBI's Attitude Towards Resolution Of Banks' NPA Is A Big Positive ABIZER DIWANJI E&Y : Banks Will Have To Now Fall In Line And Settle For A Resolution

Airports Are Not Being ‘Privatized’: Ajit Singh


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October 14: Ajit Singh, Aviation Minister and President of Rashtriya Lok Dal, says, “Airports will still be owned by the government, with only management and future development being handed over to private companies.” We’re still getting feedback on airport RFQ document, he says, adding that work has begun on the complex concessions agreement document.