NIFTY  9,438.25  0.11%
  SENSEX  30,571.00  0.35%
 CURRENCY  Rs  64.64/$ 72.43/€, 84.26/£
  GOLD  28,781.00  0.51%
  SILVER  39,815.00  1.80%
  DAX  12,619.50  -0.15%
  FTSE  7,496.34  0.34%
  CAC  5,322.88  -0.02%
  HANG SENG  25,391.30  0.86%
  NIKKEI  19,678.30  0.45%
  Shanghai Composite  3,075.68  -0.25%
  DOW JONES  20,894.80  0.43%
  NASDAQ  6,133.62  0.82%
  S&P 500  2,394.02  0.52%
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Luxury Wear For Kids


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Now if you thought luxury was all adult talk, you may want to think again. Name the biggest luxury label and they have a junior collection that's now available in India. Yes, the little ones are the new target audience for uber-luxury brands, which means when you walk into a Gucci or a Burberry boutique, don't be surprised to find a 'mini' version of a dress that you like for yourself! And when we say mini it could be your new born too! Wow! Isn't that something... Here's a look!