NIFTY  8,424.70  0.14%
  SENSEX  27,307.40  0.07%
 CURRENCY  Rs  68.10/$ 72.21/€, 82.03/£
  GOLD  28,613.00  0.29%
  SILVER  41,145.00  0.45%
  DAX  11,554.70  -0.64%
  FTSE  7,327.13  -0.15%
  CAC  4,882.18  -0.73%
  HANG SENG  22,718.20  -0.96%
  NIKKEI  19,095.20  -1.00%
  Shanghai Composite  3,103.43  -0.17%
  DOW JONES  19,885.70  -0.03%
  NASDAQ  5,574.12  0.48%
  S&P 500  2,274.64  0.18%
LIC HSG FIN TO BTVI : Q3 Performance Has Been Good In All Business Segment LIC HSG FIN TO BTVI : Net Interest Income Grew 23% In Q3 LIC HSG FIN TO BTVI : Strongly Building Fundamentals Of The Company Over Years LIC HSG FIN TO BTVI : Banks Have Reduced Rates Due Lower Cost Of Funds LIC HSG FIN TO BTVI : LIC Hsg Fin's Interest Rates Have Been Competitive Compared To Mkt

Jaswant Singh To Contest As Independent Candidate


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March 24: An internal strife has hit the Bharatiya Janta Party just ahead of the Lok Sabha polls and this after Senior Party Leader Jaswant Singh was denied a ticket from Barmer. Sushma Swaraj openly criticised the move while Arun Jaitley said that senior leaders should learn to take no for an answer. Saloni Shukla shares details on what is really brewing inside the BJP.