Rai, once considered the go-to-man for all income tax related issues in Delhi and Mumbai now finds that his prayers for bail are falling on unwilling ears.

Will ballot paper elections be Modi’s ‘brahmastra’? Sep 03 2018

Can PM Modi stun the opposition again by opting for ballot paper in elections to the Lok Sabha and a dozen State Assemblies towards the end of the year?

15 Questions that Expose Congress Party’s Falsehood on Rafale Aug 29 2018

For reasons best known to the UPA Government, the deal was directed to be re-examined, which effectively meant that the entire eleven-year exercise was abandoned and the process was to be undertaken afresh.

India needs to rethink its currency management Aug 28 2018

There is a dire need to address the repeated macroeconomic vulnerability of the Indian economy that is linked to its currency fluctuations.

Politics keeps the coalition cauldron bubbling Aug 27 2018

All political parties and key players on both sides of the political divide to position for maximum share in the allotment of parliamentary seats.

Rahul Gandhi’s Gaffes Galore As Congress Travails Continue Aug 26 2018

In four days of travel, Rahul Gandhi has converted what was an ordinary tour, perhaps a short escape from the oppressive humidity of an Indian monsoon, into an extraordinary display of ineptitude and reckless utterances bordering on the nonsensical.

Rahul Gandhi says 2019 will be an ideological battle Aug 25 2018

Congress president Rahul Gandhi said the 2019 general elections will be India’s biggest ideological battle and that his party had already galvanised the Opposition to defeat the ruling BJP-led NDA.

Rahul Gandhi says no to FT, blanks media Aug 24 2018

The organisers, Indian Overseas Congress-UK, did not say what prompted Gandhi to cancel the interview that was fixed for quite sometime and even agreed by his office.

Farooq Abdullah’s new tunes set tongues wagging in J&K Aug 24 2018

The decision to form a BJP-People’s Democratic Party coalition after the Assembly elections in 2014 ended in a bitter parting, with the BJP pulling out from the government on June 19, 2018. The attempt at formation of another coalition is fraught with problems in terms of its numerical strength in the State Assembly.