Amit Kapoor

The worrying problem of 'historically high' global debt

Apr 24 2018

The focus of the Indian government on the practice of fiscal restraint seems to be on the right track.

Long-awaited market correction finally in full swing

Feb 06 2018

The correction will continue to take place until equity returns balance out with bond yields. That should imply a sustained downward trend in the stock markets.

Union Budget 2018-19: Balancing populism with economics

Feb 01 2018

The Budget is finally out and Mr Jaitley did not disappoint. The government managed to do a commendable job of balancing economic populism with prudent economics.

After Economic Survey, much now depends on Budget 2018-19

Jan 30 2018

India has an abysmally low capacity to provide jobs to first-time workers. The only solution for India is to strengthen its manufacturing sector.

World markets ripe for the taking, but where is India's strategy?

Oct 31 2017

Issues on domestic front have been tackled to the best of government's fiscal capabilities, now external sector should be explored for lucrative economic possibilities.

Labour reforms the antidote to India's perpetual job crisis

Oct 17 2017

The Indian economy has never been good at creating jobs. As per popular estimates India's employment elasticity has been around 0.2 in the post-reform period.

Fiscal stimulus good, but don't deviate from fiscal consolidation

Sep 26 2017

Indian economy will receive a fiscal stimulus soon on account of the government's desperate attempt to reverse the country's dipping growth rates.

Shared value an important lever in PM's vision of New India 2022

Aug 15 2017

To fulfill PM’s vision of a new India, it's important that all stakeholders come together and support the governments efforts on eradicating these evils.

India's household savings patterns witnessing structural shifts

Jul 25 2017

Indian households have historically been risk averse and wary of investing savings in risky assets. This pattern is slowly changing, especially since demonetisation.

Self-policing can overcome perils of social media polarisation

Jul 11 2017

The role of social media in affecting reality through fake news has been undeniable. India has not remained unaffected.