Deepak Joshi

Silent moves to seek fresh blood

Jul 10 2019

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its ideological mentor, the Rashtriya Swayemsewak Sangh (RSS), have begun tentative exercise to restructure the party organization and plan for induction of new talent in the party in coming months.

Meet a no-nonsense Modi

Jul 02 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a master of political timing that often leaves friends and foes panting for breath. It has helped Modi survive in the political jungle, both in Gandhinagar and Lutyens’ Delhi, where he currently resides.

Let's offer an idea to Rahul

Jun 29 2019

What initially seemed as an honest admission of failure to lead the party to a win in the general elections for the second consecutive term has now assumed farcical proportions. And this is serious.

No Figure For Black Cash

Jun 24 2019

A parliamentary committee report - prepared by a group chaired by Congress's Veerappa Moily - has concluded that the unaccounted income and wealth inside and outside the country was not amenable to credible estimation in India.

One Nation, One Poll Gaining Ground

Jun 20 2019

Outlining the new government’s agenda for the next five years, President Kovind said the focus is on building a New India.

All Eyes On Parliament As Govt Pushes Legislative Agenda

Jun 16 2019

The 17th Lok Sabha comes into motion with the protem Speaker Dr Virendra Kumar, the representative from Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh, swearing in the newly elected members over the next two days, beginning Monday.

Modi, His Big Economic Agenda

Jun 06 2019

The broad contours of the economic thrust to be pursued in the Modi 2.0 are now becoming more and more visible, indicating the BJP-led NDA government’s big agenda to drive growth and jobs.

PM Modi’s focus remains on shaping policies

May 31 2019

The new Cabinet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has an imprint of continuity and caution that has been the hallmark of Modi’s leadership.

Modi, His Big Bucks Agenda

May 27 2019

Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s election victory has pushed in political stability in a billion-plus nation, now it’s time for the big bucks business to trigger the growth that must happen in India.

It’s Modi All The Way

May 23 2019

It’s almost 1500 hours and the writing is clearly on the wall. Ab ki baar phir se Modi Sarkar is the message from the electorate.