Shantanu Guha Ray

Can Only Economists Be FMs?

May 21 2019

Business journalist Puja Mehra dissects why recent governments - all coming to power on the back of some great expectations - end up doing a mishmash of economic reforms and eventually do nothing for the world’s second most populous nation.

Marichjhapi: Did you see this blood-soaked island?

May 16 2019

Deep Halder, a top editor with 'India Today', recounts the deaths of Hindu refugees from Bangladesh which took place in Marichjhapi in West Bengal in January 1979 in his book "Blood Island". Halder’s meticulous investigation finds out what was behind what can arguably called Bengal's most gruesome crime.

Celebrations For A Good Cause

May 13 2019

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who has painstakingly pushed the peace envelope in some of the world’s most troubled conflict zones, has turned 63 years. His devotees across the world are celebrating, and those who do not know him are trying to understand the selfless and silent works of the spiritual and wellness guru across the world.

India & ITC: Made For Each Other

May 11 2019

A pall of gloom has enveloped the ITC headquarters in balmy Kolkata, the air filled with sadness. The company’s chairman, YC Deveshwar, fondly called the Little John of Corporate India for his strapping figure, love for great conversations and well-cooked food, has walked into heaven. He will not return.

Ardh Satya Of Indian News Channels

May 10 2019

The debate over both journalists and journalism in India started around the time when news channels discovered the 3Cs and added one more in their news bulletins (cricket, crime, cinema and then came comedy).

Moksha On The Ghats

Apr 28 2019

A member of the century-old untouchable caste that handles cremation in Varanasi is elated to be counted among the proposers for PM Narendra Modi’s candidature from India’s oldest city.

Hindutva: India’s new state of mind

Mar 31 2019

Ashutosh in his latest book 'Hindu Rashtra' fears that the Hindutva brand of new nationalism supports Golwalkar’s idea of Muslims as the internal enemy and belief that those who support them are anti-nationals.

Silent Advani, Sunset Club

Mar 22 2019

As the BJP's first list of candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections was released, it saw eight-time MP and veteran leader LK Advani removed from his Lok Sabha seat Gandhinagar. Advani, who played an important part in the party's journey so far, fell silent.

Unlike a Brand Custodian

Mar 04 2019

Mukund Rajan’s book, Brand Custodian: My Years With The Tatas, is a one step forward two step backward mashup of memoir, aided with loads of self-help and philosophy.

Marigold for all seasons

Feb 24 2019

Chadha’s latest book, Marigold Years, hit the markets around the time when the London-based Independent newspaper profiled Oriana Fallaci, the most extraordinary journalist Italy has ever produced.