Siddharth Zarabi

Of inbred bias and rank discrimination

Oct 13 2016

The desire of the IAS to rank above all services has already distorted our governance structure and led to deep faultlines in out steel frame.

Mint Street moves 25 steps closer to North Block

Oct 04 2016

Urjit Patel's first monetary policy delivered by the newly constituted MPC is significant in several ways more than just the surprise 25 bps cut in the repo rate.

NHAI sees 50-60% rise in awards in FY17, plans $750 mn Masala bonds

Sep 26 2016

NHAI chairman Ragha Chandra says Abhu Dhabi, Qatar SWFs and Canadian funds have shown interest in TOT projects

NHAI plans $750 mn Masala bonds, sell TOT projects to foreign funds

Sep 24 2016

NHAI chairman Raghav Chandra said the authority is looking to step up project awards significantly by 50-60 per cent in FY17 from 4,400 km awarded in FY16.

Budget needs a complete revamp, need not be a secret document

Sep 21 2016

Yashwant Sinha says the Finance Minister should present his budgetary proposals to Parliament as proposals and not as a final Budget.

Lok Sabha passes Taxation Laws Bill, paves way for VSNL land sale

Aug 10 2016

Lok Sabha nod to Factories Bill to double over-time hours from 50 hours per quarter to 100 hours.

Exclusive: Good monsoon will offset GST inflationary impact

Aug 08 2016

Jharkhand chief minister Raghubar Das says it is unreasonable to stall GST thinking it will impact inflation.

Textile Policy will add a new hue to handloom sector

Aug 06 2016

Textile Minister Smriti Irani is all set to announce a Textile Policy on August 7 that will bolster sales through e-commerce.

Exclusive: New Textiles Policy to focus on handlooms, e-commerce

Aug 05 2016

Irani says the new Textiles Policy will encompass all verticals of handloom.

GST will reduce tax burden by 25%, won’t be inflationary

Jul 29 2016

Haryana finance minister Captain Abhimanyu Singh Sindhu says the GST rate should not be fixed in the Constitution.