Suyash Choudhary

Sudden Escalations And Falling Knives

Aug 06 2019

Global manufacturing and trade are experiencing a sharp slowdown. The risk being contemplated is whether this starts percolating into services.

Two Out Of Three Isn't Bad: RBI Policy June 2019

Jun 06 2019

We are happy to note that with the policy today and in the run up to it, two out of these three have been largely adopted. Thus the stance has been made explicitly accommodative.

Ready Player One? Policy Expectations Post Elections

May 29 2019

The elections handing over a stable and strong government for second consecutive time is welcome relief to market participants. In particular, it will help keep India’s country risk premium stable amongst its peers. With this out of the way, local policy can afford to start focusing emphatically on the evolving macro narrative.

Policy Puts Strengthen: A Macro Update

Mar 22 2019

We had observed in February as to how global policy seemed to be shifting, responding to the synchronized slowdown narrative on global growth. With the European Central Bank (ECB) and US Federal Reserve (Fed) policy meetings since then, these initial ‘put’ options have now been significantly strengthened.