I remember my meeting with HR of BTVI back in June 2017 when I asked them about the #CultureAtBTVI. Amongst other aspects of the culture, I distinctly remember HR department emphasizing on the leadership in the organization. At the helm of BTVI is an industry veteran Megha Tata as its COO alongside an accomplished business journalist Siddharth Zarabi as its Executive Editor.  

Furthermore, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of #WomenInLeadership roles, heading various departments and teams. Shilpa Shetty who heads our revenue function, Deepa George who leads the Legal department, Samina Nalwala and Fatima Mahdi who are the face of the channel and important contributors of editorial content are some of such examples. We also have Smita Saran as an Executive Producer with the channel and the country’s first female OB engineer Mehvish Buch working with us. This has made me realise that #BTVI is very different than most other organizations that I had previously worked for.

This organization truly believes in #GenderDiversity of its employees with women constituting 25% to 30% of the entire workforce and this has helped me in getting a 360-degree perspective on every aspect of the work.

As an organization we are not only open to values of gender diversity but also encourage diversity of social backgrounds and sexual orientations while hiring people,  if they meet the required skill set for the respective profile. Some of my colleagues are openly a part of #LGBTQ community.

The recent #MeToo movement that has hit India’s media and entertainment industry like a storm, made me wonder if we have our basic principles in place. With that very curiosity, I sought for various company policies on prevention of sexual harassment at workplace (#POSH). Voila! I found a well-documented policy about POSH. I also realised that we have an #InternalComplaintsCommittee (ICC) led by a woman to review complaints as per the norms laid down by Sexual Harassment of women at workplace Act of 2013.

We as an organisation are encouraged to speak out and lodge official complaints in case of an unwelcome behaviour. In fact, a session was organised by ICC where a high court lawyer who is an ICC panelist, took sessions to sensitize our employees and create awareness about their rights when it comes to harassment at workplace. A similar session is planned for the support staff of the organization as well.

BTVI’s #GenderNeutral approach also extends to policies such as #PaternityLeave for men, which in this day and age suggest men to #ShareTheLoad of parenthood. Besides, employees are given an option of #WorkFromHome and #FlexibleWorkHours if needed, for people whose physical presence in the office is not entirely compulsory. The focus of the organization is getting the work done in a set timeframe. Policies such as these have helped me and other colleagues in managing a healthy #WorkLifeBalance, leading to improved productivity at work.

It’s been almost 15 months that I am working here and I feel like coming to office every single day not only because this organization provides me challenging assignments to work on but also because of the numerous opportunities it provides me to give back to the society, be it through donating for Kerala flood victims, or donating books and clothes during The Joy Of Giving Week under #DaanUtsav.

Besides, I have generally become more aware about my #HealthAndFitness after numerous health check-ups organized at my workplace. With these truly progressive policies in place and a healthy supportive work environment, the churn rate of the company has gone down significantly over last couple of years, I am told by my colleagues in HR.

According to me, more than anything else, the work culture where every employee is felt valued in every possible way, is what makes BTVI a #GreatPlaceToWork and emerge as a strong brand in the business news genre.


- Dhirendra Yashwant

*Views here are personal