What is India Thinking? What is Bharat Feeling? What Is The Economics Of Our Politics? Who Are The People Who Frame Our Policies? In A Fast Paced Polity, Asking The Right Questions Matters. Catch 'RajNiti – Where Politics Intersects Policy.' Weekdays @ 08:00 pm

The Big Story

Get all the news, views, opinions and insights on 'The Big Story'. It is all about breaking stories first and informing you the on the latest political, economical and national developments.

The MF Guide

Have you chosen the right fund? Is the fund meeting your objective? Share your financial queries with us and we help you along with our expert fund managers to empower you with smart investment strategies for successful long-term wealth planning. Monday to Friday @ 12:30pm


A one stop destination for the viewers’ stock related queries. This show connects BTVI viewers to market voices that help them know what to expect with regards to their current holdings, expected market fluctuations & ways to build the perfect portfolio through accurate & timely stock specific decisions. Mon - Fri @ 11:30

Market Guru

How are markets performing? Whats the latest trends happening in the business world? Get all the right and useful information and latest buzz from the market veterans here on 'Market Guru'. Mon to Fri @ 12:00 noon IST

Markets Next Week

All the important business updates from the entire week, how the markets performed and how it wrapped up and all the trade expectations and important cues to watch out for only on ‘Markets Next Week’. Weekdays on Friday @ 04:30 PM

Small Cap Show

The show that covers small cap stocks

Tomorrow’s Bets

Tomorrow’s Bets does a complete recap of the trading day and a detailed discussion on cues to watch out for in the next trading day. Monday to Thursday @ 4:00pm


A show where both celebrities as well as Global & Indian luxury brands have heartfelt conversations about their journey to success and spill the beans on their future plans.

Market Movers

Find out what's moving the markets, and where to place your trading bets. Get top technical analysis from the best on the street

In Conversation

In Conversation features corporate leaders, political stalwarts and market experts, who share their views in a candid conversation.

Beyond The Bottomline

This is a special series for those who like to invest in a business, and not just bet on stocks. We will look beyond the earnings and past performance, and help you understand the potential of the company that you are interested in.

F&O Spotlight

All the action from the Futures & Options segment of the market

Financial Planner

Are you a millennial and planning to manage your finances or make an investment but don't know where to start? Making an investment is easy, getting it right is not. Watch Financial Planner as we discuss the best investment options available today to secure your financial future. Sat @ 9am

The Chartist

A show that simplifies the method of analysing stocks and market indices. The idea is to dive deeper into technical terms and empower viewers over a period to make their own investment and trading decisions. Mon to Thu @ 10:30 AM & Fri @ 4:30 PM.

Closing Bets

The show that tracks the breaking business news and top stories in the lead-up to the closing of markets. We analyse the day gone by, the ups and downs, the winners and losers, the market experts, the news-makers and the game changers only on 'Closing Bets'. Mon to Fri @ 2:30 PM

Markets Midday

Get the stories that affect your money, your community and your world. 'Markets Midday' uses the most compelling videos, breakthrough interviews and company stories to show you what’s happening in the economy, on the web, and in the world. Mon to Fri @ 1 PM

Build Your Portfolio

It's the skill of selecting stocks in the long run, stocks that can maximise returns, stocks that can bring stability in a volatile market and stocks that can help create wealth. Catch only on 'Build Your Portfolio'.

Corporate Eye

Look beyond the headlines, for a realty check and get closer with companies that are moving the market. For a bird eye's view of the corporate India, watch Corporate Eye. Mon to Fri @ 11 AM

The Opening Trade

The show that sets you up for the trading day. All the overnight global cues, expert opinions and latest stories that are relevant to help you gear up for the market expectations. Mon to Fri @ 8 AM

Trending Today

What are the market trends and glimpses of the future? Get an insight on the ever evolving market with Industry leaders, economists and corporate leaders and more on 'Trending Today'. Mon to Fri @ 10 AM

Today's Bets

All you need to know before the markets open to help you analyze and prepare for the trading day. Mon to Fri @8:30 am

The AutoX Show

Life changing journeys and path breaking innovations, automative industry that relies in pushing the boundaries where we put you in the driver's seat. So brace yourself for the adventurous ride only on 'The AutoX Show'.

Movies, Money & More

Everything you need to know about the latest buzz and trend in B-Town. Get up close and personal with your favourite celebrities and know what they are up to only on 'Movies, Money & More'. Mon - Fri @ 10Pm

Power Play

Meet India's powerful political stalwarts, discover their journey and aspirations & how they got there. Tune into 'Power Play'.