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Financial Planner
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Making an investment is easy, getting it right is not. Join Feroze Azeez and Samina Nalwala as they discuss the best investment options available today to secure your financial future. From debt, equity to mutual funds - Financial Planner is your one stop destination to understand how to manage your money.

Important to plan strategies to control emotions during investments

5 hrs ago | 5 hrs ago

How to calculate risk and keeping emotions away from investment? Listen in to our experts.

One-time vs recurring expenses

Sep 18 2018

Feroze Azeez of AnandRathi helps you understand the difference, pros and cons of one-time expense and recurring expenses.

5 Ways To Track Your Mutual Fund Performance

Sep 17 2018

Want to know the parameters of tracking your mutual fund performance? listen in to our experts.

Do's & Dont's Of Investing In An IPO

Sep 08 2018

Here are few tips on what to keep in mind while investing in IPOs.

How do you calculate Net Asset Value?

Sep 07 2018

Feroz Azeez of Anand Rathi is here to guide you on all about NAV and how you can calculate it.

All about third-party insurance rule

Sep 06 2018

Here is your financial guide to changes in motor insurance policy.

Things to know before you buy a house

Sep 05 2018

Here are a few financial guidelines to help you invest in your home buying plan.

Planning to buy a house? Here is your check list

Sep 05 2018

Feroze Azeez of Anand Rathi is here to guide you on your house investments.

Mark-To-Market risks in MFs

Aug 31 2018

Understanding interest rate risks with Feroze Azeez of AnandRath Wealth Management.