• Retail MF Investors not shying away despite volatility; SIPs act as knight in shining armour Mar 08, 2019

    The market has been witnessing uncertainty and volatility. Its effect could be seen in the February mutual funds data which hints that the industry is in a state of dilemma.

  • Indexation Benefit for Debt Funds: Not Just in FMPs Mar 05, 2019

    In March every year, there is a case for investment in debt funds, to avail of indexation benefit for computation of long term capital gains tax, over a holding period of more than three years.

  • Exchange Traded Funds – Investing beyond Sensex and Nifty Mar 05, 2019

    Exchange Traded Funds commonly known as ETFs are low cost funds which replicate indexes developed by exchanges. ETFs were developed by Jack Bogle of Vanguard Group in USA and is a major investment option for retail American investors due to their low cost advantage.

  • Unlike a Brand Custodian Mar 04, 2019

    Mukund Rajan’s book, Brand Custodian: My Years With The Tatas, is a one step forward two step backward mashup of memoir, aided with loads of self-help and philosophy.

  • Marigold for all seasons Feb 24, 2019

    Chadha’s latest book, Marigold Years, hit the markets around the time when the London-based Independent newspaper profiled Oriana Fallaci, the most extraordinary journalist Italy has ever produced.

  • ICJ Ruling On Kulbhushan Jadhav Awaited Feb 20, 2019

    It is time to sober expectations and not let emotions run high. There is a need to open backchannel moves to secure release of an Indian unfairly under a death sentence.

  • New Twist In The Tale Of Singh Brothers Feb 20, 2019

    Blood brothers Malvinder Singh and Shivinder Singh, who have been at each other’s throats for long, are now singing a different tune. Malvinder Singh, one of the brothers, is saying bulk of their missing cash - estimated at Rs 5481 crore - was loaned to their mentor, and a former CEO of the group, and the brother of the CEO.

  • Time to See through Vested Interests that Operate under the Garb of Whistleblowing Feb 19, 2019

    For the first time, the Companies Act, 2013 recognized the whistle-blower concept by providing protection to individuals who expose wrongdoings by companies, particularly those involving frauds, corruption, etc. It is a salutary provision and aims to curb malpractices being indulged into by unscrupulous managements.

  • How Many Lies Need to be Peddled to Sustain a Sinking Dynasty? Feb 12, 2019

    Truth is both precious and sacrosanct. In mature democracies, those who deliberately rely on falsehood are banished from public life. There is no doubt that with the changing socio-economic profile of India this will inevitably happen in India.

  • Let A Billion Ideas Shine In India Feb 08, 2019

    I have one thing common with Sanjeev Sanyal, sorry two. Khan Market in Delhi and lakes in South Kolkata which are the ideal hub for conversations and lovers, in that way.

  • Top Cop On The Run Shocks Kolkata Feb 03, 2019

    There are charges against him that he destroyed crucial evidence linking politicians to Ponzi Scheme owners in the state? It means he has virtually saved members of the state’s ruling Trinamool Congress.

  • Budget 2019: Walking The Fiscal Tightrope Jan 31, 2019

    The big numbers ahead of Budget 2019.

  • I told myself I do not want to die: Manisha Koirala Jan 29, 2019

    The first thing Manisha Koirala, once a top Bollywood actress, told herself after doctors dropped a dreaded word into her ears like molten lava on tender earth: “I do not want to die.” She texted her friend, remembered her days as a beautiful, much sought-after star on the silver screen.

  • Emergency Era Political Titan Passes Away Jan 29, 2019

    To a generation that attained political baptism from rebellion against the Emergency imposed by the Indira Gandhi government in 1975-77, the picture of George Fernandes standing at his prison cell holding his chained hands high had the same aura as Che Guevera’s photographs had done a decade earlier.

  • Do you know who is Shrikant Mohta? Jan 28, 2019

    Kolkata is in a state of shock, the rebellious city lies like a prostrate, disemboweled Gulliver. There’s a deadly silence in the city where dailies and news channels are currently debating a soccer derby between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan, not Mohta. Why? Wasn't he the biggest influencer of West Bengal’s fledgling film industry?