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Financial Planner
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Making an investment is easy, getting it right is not. Join Feroze Azeez and Samina Nalwala as they discuss the best investment options available today to secure your financial future. From debt, equity to mutual funds - Financial Planner is your one stop destination to understand how to manage your money.

Want to grow your money in the long term? Here are expert guidelines

Aug 30 2018

Learn all about asset allocation and investments from our financial experts.

Health Insurance Plans Now Include Mental Illness, A Step Towards Debunking The Stigma

Aug 29 2018

Ferzoze Azeez tells you why it is importance that medical insurance plans have started to include mental illness as well.

5 benefits of a higher credit card limit

Aug 28 2018

Feroze Azeez on what is the importance of a higher credit limit on credit cards and why one should opt for it.

What are the criteria of getting a credit card?

Aug 24 2018

Have you ever wondered how a bank decides whom to give a credit card, Feroze Azeez of AnandRathi Wealth Management explains that and much more.

Importance of financial planning for women

Aug 23 2018

Feroze Azeez on why financial planning has become such a necessity for women and how it is any different to that of men.

SEBI awaiting probe report by Srikrishna Panel on ICICI Bank-Videocon Case

Aug 23 2018

Final decision on Chanda Kochhar probe report to come post Justice Srikrishna Report. The report is to be submitted in 2-2.5 months.

What should you keep in mind before buying a policy?

Aug 21 2018

On this episode of Financial Planner, we are in conversation with Feroze Azeez of Anand Rathi to help you understand your responsibilities as a policy maker.

The millennial mindset for growing money

Aug 11 2018

Are millennials financially wiser than previous generations ? Find out their money management techniques.

Are Indian Millennials financially smarter than their parents?

Aug 11 2018

Feroze Azeez explains how access to information and asset allocation have made the millennials are wiser in their investments than their previous generation.